Applications for the Punk Rock Flea Market are NOT OPEN. But fingers crossed, they will be SOON.


There is currently NO PRFM on the calendar, but once we settle on a venue, the process for selecting vendors is always the same. We invite hundreds of vendors from up and down the Puget Sound to to sell their finest wares in whatever abandoned grocery store  or crumbling bowling alley we can weasel our way into. We always feature killer DJ’s from across the region and have live music whenever possible. We’ve got alcoholic drinks for the grownups, sugary treats for the kids, mouthwatering food for everyone hungry, and the kind of welcoming environment that actually gives you hope for the state of the world!

We look for the widest possible variety of vendors to sell clothes, music, crafts, art, food, sneakers, skateboards, bondage gear, tattoos, imported knickknacks, electronics, taxidermy, prosthetic limbs, soap, crystals, bike parts, hardware, graffiti supplies, snake oil, droids… we’re very open to new ideas and unique merchandise, though we have a few reasonable limits on what can be sold at our markets, which you can read about here:

Not every vendor who applies will be selected to participate. We often deal with very real space limitations, and we try to make the best choices we can for the best use of that space. We have a commitment to welcoming both first-time vendors and old timers. At least 1/3 of the spaces go to BRAND NEW vendors every time, so if you've never participated in the PRM before, we especially encourage you to apply. And keep in mind that we're a loud, ornery, DIY marketplace and not all goods fit with our vision for the event. But don't be put off, we want to see what you've got. There’s room on the application to tell us about what makes you unique, what you can contribute, and about your past relationship with PRFM. We read everything!


The vendor application is NOT currently open, but will be in time for the next PRFM.


 Please contact with any questions!

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